Star Academy: Julien’s father recounts a memory with his sons and triggers a controversy

Star Academy: Julien’s father recounts a memory with his sons and triggers a controversy

Saturday November 12, 2022, Julien is once again nominated for Star Academy. A few hours from the prime, his father, Clément Canaby, also a musician and singer, shocked Internet users with a memory that dates back many years.

Since the beginning of his adventure in the new edition of the star academyJulien Canaby divides viewers. If some supported him en masse during the first two primes, during which the young singer was nominated, others criticized his attitude at the castle. While he had managed to escape the nomination at the end of the duos week, that he had lived with Anishahe is once again in the hot seat alongside Stan, Tiana and Anisha. Faced with numerous criticisms of his lack of involvement in the singing lessons where he fell asleep, or even in the choreographer’s class Yanis Marshall where he refused to perform an exercise in high heels arguing that he would leave his “dignity“, Julien can count on those close to him to support him.

Of the the entry of his brother into the castle of Dammarie-lès-lysMathieu Canaby, who is also known to have participated in the New starregularly steps up to defend his little brother. During the last evaluations, Julien had to sing the title Lucy of Pascal Bishop but stopped mid-performance. For his brotherJulien has simply summer “disadvantage for he had passed last and was unwell. Similarly, when Internet users announce false numbers to support Julien during this new bonus, broadcast on Saturday November 12, 2022, Mathieu Canaby speaks: “Be careful, malicious people have fun making another number vote to help their favorite… The only one for Julien is the 2“.

A controversial memory

In Julien’s family, his father, Clément Canaby, also wanted to speak on his Instagram account. musician and singer, he dedicated his life to music just like his sons. A touching legacy of which he shared the first moments of transmission in a live. But here, according to his story, Clément Canaby revealed that he had notably “made up as Stevie Wonder”specifying that it “required a lot of work” because he is “white with blue eyes”. In these gigs “disguised as a look-alike”, his eldest son Mathieu Canaby was he too”made up as a little black“, says Clément Canaby, so that he is “little stevie wonder“.

If Julien’s dad was obviously keen to show how happy he was to share music with sons since their youngest age, this story has shocked some internet users. “We remind you that black face is totally forbidden!“, Julien’s father who puts Julien in the sauce more than anything else“, “But what horror the words of Julien’s father“, “How could Julien’s father think it was a good idea to tell us an anecdote about his sons’ blackface?”, they notably wrote on Twitter.

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