Star Academy: Léa in cold with Anisha? She answers

Star Academy: Léa in cold with Anisha? She answers

Léa and Tiana met on December 3 at the Meldoise who has just signed a contract with a famous record company. Between two astrology and sushi questions, Léa and Tiana mentioned their comrade Anisha.

Léa has only one word and she has proven it. At time the elimination of Tiana, Léa had sent her a message of love and made him a tender promise. Between the two of them it was not a friendship meant to last only the few weeks of adventure in the star academy. She had assured her friend that she would come to visit her at home, and this Saturday, December 3, Léa landed at her friend’s house, in front of a Tiana overjoyed. “Today, Léa is coming to my house. I am so happy, she will finally meet my family!“, had rejoiced the very young woman on his TikTok account. After a short walk in the city center of Meaux, the two former tenants of Dammarie-Lès-Lys embarked on a live Instagram from Tiana’s account. And many of them gathered to find the answers to the questions their fans were asking…

On the live program, an embarrassing question

Astrological sign of the ladies, plans for the eveningeverything has been reviewed, even the most sensitive subjects… And Tiana discovers a new question that has put the two elders of the castle in difficulty. “How is the return to reality? Notoriety”, asked one netizen. “P***** I don’t know what notoriety means”, replied the one who just signed for a successful music label. If she was waiting for Léa to help her with this question of vocabulary, she was however disappointed by the one who, we recall, made Internet users scream, ignoring the meaning of the word “Tour”. “It’s notoriety”, replied the interpreter of Stronger. An answer that cannot be said to be incorrect. but that will not have advanced the schmilblick for Tiana who started to burst out laughing.

Among the other questions to have destabilized the two girlfriends, this one: “Leah, why don’t you like Anisha?“, asked a user. “Who said that ?”, asked Tiana surprised. “Me, I love Anisha, me”, continued Lea. “Why did they say that?” Tiana insisted. “They all think I don’t like Anisha, I don’t understand“, answered Léa to her accomplice without however dwelling on the subject. The two girls promised to soon do a new Live with other academicians. Will Anisha be there? In any case, she could easily explain to them what notoriety is…

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