Star Academy: Léa not thrilled by her duet with Clara Luciani, she is taken over by Internet users

Star Academy: Léa not thrilled by her duet with Clara Luciani, she is taken over by Internet users

New prestigious artists will come to sing with the students of the star academy during next Saturday’s prime. Among them is Clara Luciani, delighted to interpret Breathe again with Léa or Louis. Except that the first does not really share this enthusiasm, being cropped by Internet users annoyed by his arrogance on Twitter.

With Léa, regular viewers of the star academy no longer know on which foot to dance. And not just because the one who has gained weight since entering the castle dazzled Yanis Marshall with her very sexy show on hot stuff. It is rather his sometimes haughty attitude that makes people talk on social networks. A label that sticks to the skin of the optician, and with which she plays when the coaches, Lucie Bernardoni and Marlene Schaffannounce in chorus the names of the artists invited during Saturday’s prime.

The one who lied to get in the promotion did not hide from not knowing Julien Clercbecoming for a moment the laughingstock of Internet users. Since this quack -voluntary or not-, the plague of the castle has revised its repertoire of singers of variety, at the same time as it began seriously to work. Nominated only once, she hopes to win the only place available for the final during assessments. But also a duet with one of the prestigious artists present on the next prime.

Disrespectful to Clara Luciani?

Léa was thus pre-selected to sing with Clara Luciani on the title Breathe again. An honor that she shares with Louis but of which she does not seem to take the full measure. The relentless of the live thus heard the dispensation of sport telling her comrade that she willingly left him this privilege, which had the gift of exasperating them. I hope Clara Luciani doesn’t watch Star Ac”, “Clara Luciani will appreciate…”, “Clara Luciani if ​​you watch the live, we love you chick huh”, “What a lack of respect for Clara Luciani“, can we read on Twitter from Internet users wound up like clockwork. A real time grenade, this Léa.

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