Star Academy: Léa reveals what really happened with Marc Lavoine behind the scenes

Star Academy: Léa reveals what really happened with Marc Lavoine behind the scenes

Sunday January 1, 2023, Léa spoke again about her duet with Marc Lavoine, on the Star Academy set. The finalist of the TF1 show, subjected to a lie detector, revealed what really happened behind the scenes with the singer.

Finalist of the new edition of the star academyLéa made an impression with her voice, but also her personality. The one who willingly claimed to be the diva of the castle of Dammarie-lès-Lys finally failed against Anisha, winner of this 2022 season. The young artist does not keep less magnificent memories. Sunday January 1, 2023, she answered indiscreet questions from Mayadorable, a YouTuber. The young woman notably returned to his duet with Marc Lavoine. Saturday November 19, Marc Lavoine and Léa shared a magnificent duet on the title I have forgotten everything. After a technical hiccup, Léa had been able to count on the support of Marc Lavoine, who had even kissed her on the neck. A tender gesture that had reacted a lot to Internet users.

Wednesday November 23, exclusively for Tele-LeisureLéa had tempered the words of Internet users. The academician had indeed given her point of view on this kiss: I experienced it very well because Marc Lavoine is benevolent. During rehearsals, he reassured me enormously. (…) I loved singing alongside him and I remember my evolution. If I compare this performance with the one I did with AmirI realize that I have more confidence in myself.”

“No weird stuff at all”

A positive assessment that remains the same, a month later. In effect, Léa does not seem to have changed her mindeven with hindsight, about this kiss given by Marc Lavoine. The singer, on the contrary, appreciated the almost paternal behavior of the coach of The voice. “I see him as a super endearing, super cute dad. I didn’t take it the wrong way at all.” she assured on YouTube.

From rehearsals, whether on stage or backstage, Marc Lavoine was very supportive with Léa : “During rehearsals, he was super caring. When he left, he introduced me to his children. I thanked him because in the end I was not named. I gave him a big hug. That was really super benevolent, daddy. Not weird stuff at all.” That is clear !

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