Star Academy: Louis bursts into tears during singing class, Adeline Toniutti comes to his rescue

Star Academy: Louis bursts into tears during singing class, Adeline Toniutti comes to his rescue

This Monday, November 14, 2022, the students of the star academy started the week with a sports lesson, but also a singing lesson. But when he arrived in the room of the teacher, Adeline Toniutti, Louis burst into tears. We explain why.

Who says new week for the students of the star academysays new ratings. On Saturday November 15, the academicians vibrated during their fifth bonus, in tribute to a former candidate who made an impression: Gregory Lemarchal. If the bonus was more than appreciated by Internet users, the emotion was obviously there, with the departure of two students at the gates of the semi-final: Julien and Stanislas.

From now on, they are only six, out of thirteen at the start, to study within the castle of Dammarie-lès-Lysto try to reach the final of the star academy. Between Léa, Anisha, Louis, Enola and Tiana and Chris, who will avoid the nominations? Good question. One thing is sure, the candidates are ready to do anything to seduce the faculty during the evaluations, Tuesday, November 15, 2022. But sometimes unforeseen things can surface.

Louis breaks down in tears in singing class

This Monday, November 14, after a very eventful sports class with coach Joethe students of the star academy took a little break before joining Adeline Toniutti for the singing lesson. Unfortunately, a few days from a place in the final, the pressure is mounting for the academicians and it is felt in everyone’s body. Indeed, this Monday morning, the duo of Louis and Enola is not really in good shape. The latter have fallen ill since the show on Saturday.

Once in the singing room, Louis has unfortunately crackedin front of the teacher. Exhausted and frustrated at the idea of ​​being sick and not being able to train on the eve of the evaluations, the young candidate burst into tears: I’m fed up, I never get sickhe confided, very moved. The singing teacher, Adelinewanted to support the young man with sweet words: “You have a little voice left to speak. If you rest, it will come back tomorrow. It’s normal to have some slack, you’re tired. Transcend your heart to be relaxed and less hard on yourself. What’s best for you is that you don’t sing. You calm down, you trust yourself. If you don’t pull on your vocal cords, in 24 hours they recover”she said. A moving sequence, which viewers were able to discover on the live of MYTF1 MAXexclusively. We can’t wait to discover the rest of their adventures!

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