“Star Academy”: the awkward improvisations of Anisha and Louis

“Star Academy”: the awkward improvisations of Anisha and Louis

Two days before the big nightthe four “Star Academy” finalists performed their favorite song in front of their teachers, then had to surprise them. It was the surprise part that was the most fun or… distressing. Anisha fulfilled the contract with lame jokes. Awkward in style: “What is the plural of Julien? Julie 2.” Or when she picks up the phone, throwing “Hello”, then talking about oil painting…

The promo director, Michael Goldman, admitted it well: “It was a embarrassment Not possible. We asked them to surprise us, she succeeded. In the sofas at the castle, Léa hides in her sweater in shame. Anisha assumes. Louis didn’t shine either. He started a make-up course on plastic balls after a somersault. No interest, long.

“It was chaotic”

The director of the Star Ac stops him quickly. “Is there a fall? Louis packs up his gear and returns to the chateau disappointed: “It was chaotic. “Léa, she released a sequined dress that she claims to have sewn herself at the age of 15 years. Then, she takes out a coffee maker, saying that she “brought (her) sewing machine in which (she) put all (her) savings”. “I’m a little crazy, lazy, tired… It’s surprising of me to say, here I am. The teachers believe in it, Michael Goldman laughs. “On improvisation, she doesn’t care about us. The theme is successful, it surprised us. »

Elona’s intervention is the most relevant. She was inspired by an exercise with Soprano to ask the jury to write between five and ten words, on which she embroidered an improvised poem. It succeeded. In his sofa, Louis feels guilty. “What I did sucks…” All three applaud him when he comes back. After the ridicule, the four candidates learned with whom they will share duets this Saturday evening. Soprano will sing with Anisha, Nolwenn Leroy with Enola, Christophe Mae with Louis and Léa is delighted to resume “I love you” with Lara Fabian.

This daily also showed the success of the show, when the artists left the castle for a showcase at the Sony Entertainment record company which will produce the winner. Dozens of fans were waiting for the minibus, waving a few signs, asking for selfies. Something to boost Léa who was dozing. They all resumed their favorite title sung earlier in front of the jury. “It was magical, like I was on a mountain and all these people were stars and gave me energy,” Anisha hovered.

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