Star Academy: the production silences Anisha

Star Academy: the production silences Anisha

Anisha would be roughed up in Star Academy. To avoid adding a layer, the show’s production would prevent him from speaking.

Anisha: high hopes in Star Academy

Star Academy, TF1’s flagship program is an opportunity for the world to discover new musical talent. For this season, Anisha is one of the promising young talents. Upon confirmation of his return to the famous castle of the show, the academician confided that music plays an important role in her life.

A management student, the 22-year-old is from Sannois in the Paris region. She would have had difficult living conditions during her childhood and this contest would be a way to get revenge.

Anisha manhandled in Star Academy

According to his confidences, the music would help Anisha to feel good. Indeed, being very anxious by nature, this competition would be a great leap into the void for her. But its objective always remains that of carrying a message. The young singer would even have imposed a double challenge on herself: “to live permanently with people and to be in the light”.

A goal that unfortunately seems far away for Anisha. According to her fans, she would be sidelined by her Star Academy comrades. A situation which would have even worsened since the departure of Julian.

The production goes after the young singer

Anisha would have spent a good part of her childhood in Madagascar. A difficult time for her. In Star Academy, so she hoped to escape her traumas and make a fresh start. But it was without counting on an alleged conspiracy of the production aiming to eject it.

For the interviews proposed for the academicians, she had indeed come very late. Also, during his turn, Anisha could not express herself as she intended. Besides, his fans do not fail to highlight this passage on Twitter. “We don’t see anything at all, 5 seconds of what she may have said,” he commented.

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