Star Academy: this slip of Nikos Aliagas against Clara Luciani who amused the singer a lot

Star Academy: this slip of Nikos Aliagas against Clara Luciani who amused the singer a lot

Saturday November 19, 2022, Clara Luciani was invited to the semi-final of the star academy. After her duet with Louis, she returned to sing her title Heart in the second half of the evening. A slip from Nikos Aliagas gave rise to a funny exchange.

The star academyit is above all a human adventure. Far removed from current reality TV, it carries with it a little taste of nostalgia and simplicity. A concept that seems to seduce the figures of French and international song. This Saturday, November 19, 2022, Claudio Capeo, Patrick Bruel, Marc LavoineClara Luciani, Camélia Jordana and Vianney shared highlights with the students. Benevolent moments… and other more embarrassing ones. In effect, Marc Lavoine’s kiss to Léa before their duet created controversy.

Fortunately, the atmosphere was lighter with the other guests. Vianney thus shared the stage with Chris by interpreting the title Call meresulting from a collaboration with a great international star. The young singer and dad confessed to himself thathe had let himself be caught in the trap of star academyfollowing from afar the evolution of the pupils as when watching a television soap opera. Clara Luciani also shared a very strong connection with the finalist Louisduring their duet on his song Breathe again.

Clara Luciani shared a tender moment with Louis

“It’s a dream to be back at ‘Star Academy’, and also a dream to sing with you, Louis! You don’t realize how much you represent, how wonderful you are, and lo and behold, I find you beautiful. I am so happy !”, rejoiced the one who was dressed like Amir at the NRJ Music Awards. She continues: “We are all fans of you, so there you go, super happy. Thank you also for all the nice things you said on me, and which touched me a lot”. Words filled with tenderness, which the young man quickly sent back to him: “For me, you are a beautiful artist, in its entirety. There are beautiful texts, there are beautiful music, there are real kindness in your eyes, and when you sing, it’s wonderful. It was amazing for me to sing with you, really!” A nice moment of complicity.

After the announcement of the four finalistsClara Luciani was back for the second part of the evening. She resumed her song there Heart to promote the reissue of his album, Heart Again. Nikos Aliagas then recalled his tour of the zeniths and his date at the Accor Arena in Paris next December: “You have added other dates a little everywhere in the fringe, I believe…”, began the host, not realizing his mistake.

However, his slip did not go unnoticed by Clara Luciani: “That’s it ! You said ‘all over the place in bangs’ looking at me…”, she amused herself, miming a gesture towards her haircut. Not upset for a penny, the 30-year-old singer continued with humor: I’m on tour in the fringe altogether, until the end of January, and that makes me extremely happy”. A little wink that the presenter caught on the fly: “Never cut the tour in fringe. Keep it to the end, it’s always better!”. A somewhat far-fetched discussion…

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