Star Academy: this tackle from Matt Pokora to Nikos Aliagas which did not go unnoticed

Star Academy: this tackle from Matt Pokora to Nikos Aliagas which did not go unnoticed

Saturday November 12, the academicians once again gave voice alongside their idols. But this bonus which was to decide between Julien, Stanislas, Tiana and Anisha, the four nominees of the week, did not go as planned… After a technical breakdown which cut the quid to Matt Pokora and Chris, the companion of Christina Milian struggled to hide his annoyance at the after party…

This Saturday, November 12, 2022, the fifth Star Academy bonus was broadcast on TF1. A very special evening that paid tribute to one of the former academicians and big winner of season 4, the late Gregory Lemarchal. For the occasion, a crowd of artists was there as Patrick Fiori, Amel BentTayc, Dadju, but also Zazie, Kendji Girac or H Humilitywho had to face the vagaries of live… While the young dad had to perform his emblematic title “Falls” in duet with Chris, these have been cut literally and figuratively in their momentum! In effect, a sound failure interrupted the two artists in the middle of their performance. A technical incident that caused a wave of indignation on the Web while Internet users had already repeatedly pointed out the microphone and sound problems since the start of the season. Enough is enough ! Despite this false road live, the emotion was well and truly there

Matt Pokora exhausted, he tackles Nikos Aliagas live

It seems that this sound problem has not only angered viewers but also made Matt Pokora’s nerves visibly raw. annoyed after his solo in the after party… Invited on stage to perform “who we are“, taken from his new album Epicenterthe visibly exhausted singer did not hide his annoyance considering the late hour of his passage. A detail that is no longer one since the companion of Christina Millan is dad of young toddlers !

While Nikos Aliagas advances towards the singer to ask him if he is well, this one answered without language of wood: “Like a singer who sings at a quarter past midnight!“. To which Nikos retorted pronto: “You told us earlier that there is no time, that we must go to the end, that we must keep the first smile until the last“. Indeed, it was the artist himself who had told the academicians during his visit to the castle never to complain. But this tumultuous evening caused the fine words of the ex-member of Linkup in burst. We are who we are as the singer says, and this one should quickly find the smile that we know him!

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