Star Academy: two months after the show, Léa announces unexpected news!

Star Academy: two months after the show, Léa announces unexpected news!

While the adventure star academy ended almost two months ago, Léa announced great news on social networks: the tenth edition finalist has just followed in the footsteps of her friend Tiana!

It has already been almost two months since the Château de Dammarie-Lès-Lys closed its doors. November 26after six weeks of competition, the tenth season of the star academy ended in the victory of Anisha, big favorite from the start. The young woman who came straight from Madagascar, whose personality seduced as much as the voice of an angelwon in the final prime to the three other finalists, Léa, Louis and Enola. The start of a new life for Julien’s sidekick, who will soon be able to make a living from his art. Indeed, by winning the tele-hook by Nikos Aliagas, she landed a contract with the record label Universal for a debut album.

Even if it will remain engraved in the annals for having won this edition the comeback from star academy, Anisha, however, is not the only one to see her career take off. Although she didn’t even reach the final, Tiana has indeed also signed in a record company. Not just any, since it’s Indifference Prod, where Vitaa, Slimane, Gims or even Dadju evolve. A very select agency, therefore, in which its greatest tele-hook acolyte has just joined it!

Léa joins her great friend Tiana!

Léa’s fans had been hoping for it for a long time, it’s now done: just like his little sister of the Tiana adventure, the young woman has also just signed a contract with Indifférence Prod! This is Saïd Boussif, the manager of Camélia Jordana – he even came with her to give a masterclass to the students of the promotion -, who announced this unexpected news, welcoming him to the agency. A publication taken up by the person concernedwho has been on cloud nine since his contract was signed. The public should therefore see her glued to her best friend for quite a while, and some do not exclude that they even record a duet together. Will their dream come true? Case to follow!

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