Star Wars: surprise, this film has been deprogrammed by Disney!

Star Wars: surprise, this film has been deprogrammed by Disney!

Cultural News Star Wars: surprise, this film has been deprogrammed by Disney!

Disney has a program that can be described as loaded: understand by this that you will eat it at all the racks for the entire decade to come. Nothing too surprising you might say, but one particular Star Wars movie has just been mysteriously delayed.

Star Wars Rogue Squadron, the big blur

If you are one of the many Star Ward fans, then no doubt you will be happy to see all these cinematographic projects taking shape: we recently had the Obi-Wan Kenobi mini-series and very soon Andor will take over (whose first opinions have just fallen). In the boxes, Disney is preparing a lot of other things like this trilogy of films directed by Ryan Johnson or Star Wars Rogue Squadron.

This one was to focus on a new generation of fighter pilots and, in particular, it will be the first feature film in the franchise to be directed by a woman: Patty Jenkins. (behind the two Wonder Woman in particular) must indeed take care of the film, which was to be released very precisely on December 20, 2023. Except that it finally disappeared from Disney’s schedule…

The trip is late

It is quite simply from the Disney release calendar, freshly updated, that we learn the news: Star Wars Rogue Squadron simply doesn’t have a release date anymore, which suggests a big delay. In question, the busy schedule of Patty Jenkins who is currently working on a third Wonder-Woman for Warner Bros. and DC Comics, as well as a film devoted to Cleopatra. Both starring Gal Gadot, by the way.

In short, you will have to be patient but rest assured, Disney has plenty of other films in stock: we thus learn that the live-action adaptation of Snow White will arrive in cinemas on March 20, 2024 while Mufasa, the Lion King prequel, will be broadcast on July 3, 2024. Not to mention all the Marvel projects…

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