Stéphane eliminated from the 12 noon shots: the former midday master can’t get over it… a month after recording

Stéphane eliminated from the 12 noon shots: the former midday master can’t get over it… a month after recording

On Friday January 20, Stéphane was officially ousted from the 12 noon shots. But in reality, the former midday master left the TF1 game on December 22 because of the programs recorded very early. A month later, he is still plagued by disappointment.

Stephane and The 12 strokes of noonIt’s finish ! On January 20, the champion of the TF1 show has been eliminated, five months to the day after his arrival in the competition. A shock for the worker in a foundry who dreamed of going as far as possible in the game and finding himself at the top of the ranking of the greatest midday masters in history. Unfortunately, the candidate from Haute-Marne was ousted by his competitorSarah, who however did not steal her title. It was an uncertain Alexandre who had this honor. The champion can still rejoice to have to his credit 153 attendees and a pot of 568,343 euros. But the disappointment is immense and Stéphane burst into tears as he said goodbye on set and especially to Jean-Luc Reichmann. “I will never forget you. Sorry if I’m having trouble. Usually, I’m not like that, I’m a pretty gruff guy. Now I can’t take the emotion anymore“, he said on the day of his fall.

Stéphane still marked by his defeat at 12 noon shots

If the bad news is fresh for viewers, this is not the case for Stéphane. The numbers of 12 strokes of noon being recorded weeks in advance, the midday master was actually eliminated on December 22. “On average, we were shooting five shows a daybetween 1 p.m. and 10 p.m. I arrived at the studio around 10:30. It’s a psychological marathon, long and tryingyou must always be on the lookout, always be alert, reactive“, explained Stéphane in the columns of the Journal of Haute-Marne.

A month after his defeat, if he has dried his tears, the former candidate of TF1 still does not recover. He even says he is embittered “to (himself)“.”I am so sorry for having failed on a question within my reach. I know that in the long run, it will disappear, but the wound is still open. The scar is still very fresh, the wound still alive“, he lamented. A feeling that is not about to leave Stéphane who intends to continue watching the program when he comes home from work. “I don’t change my ways“, he assured. Difficult to mourn.

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