Stéphane eliminated from the 12 noon shots: why he will not receive all of his winnings

Stéphane eliminated from the 12 noon shots: why he will not receive all of his winnings

After 153 participations, Stéphane was eliminated from the 12 strokes of noon. The former midday master leaves with a nice check for 568,434 euros, and yet he will not receive all of this sum. Asked by Tele-Leisure, he explains himself.

5 months of participation in the TF1 game are over. Stephane is the fifth greatest champion of the program presented by Jean-Luc Reichman. Originally worker in a foundry factoryStéphane lost against the candidate Sarahthis Friday, January 20. The father of the family could not contain his tears during his defeat. “I wanted to thank you for giving me my chance. And I thank everyone who works here, the technical, the management, the security agents. I will never forget you. Sorry if I have trouble“, said Stéphane on the set, in tears.

Jean-Luc Reichmann also reported to Tele-entertainment son immense pain in the face of the elimination of the candidate to which he was very attached. “He is the most sincere candidate I have met”, told the interpreter of Léo Matteï.

How much will he get?

To console himself, Stéphane had to receive a check for 568,434 euros. He made it known that he wanted to realize his dream, go to London to see your favorite bandbut above all, give money to his children : I want to save as much money as possible to ensure the future of my children. They will need it. The current context is difficult and the future is more than uncertain. They will use this money better than I do. My life is done“. But why won’t he receive all of his winnings? Well, because the candidate won exactly 178,143 euros in giftsdivided into digital objects, gadgets, household appliances and even cars. In addition, he leaves with €390,200 bank transfer.

Stephane managed to find five hidden personalities : players Jean Pierre Darroussin, Leila BekhtiLaure Camaly and Manu Payetas well as the former swimmer Camille Lacourt. TheBlood of Haute-Marne”, will be remembered as the show’s five-month grand champion.

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