“Stop with that! “: this big blunder of Tiana which embarrassed Nikos Aliagas

“Stop with that! “: this big blunder of Tiana which embarrassed Nikos Aliagas

The semi-final of the star academy took place this Saturday, November 19, 2022. At the end of the evening, it was Chris and Tiana who said goodbye to the public. Questioned by Nikos Aliagas at the time of his eviction, Tiana made a double blunder which plunged the host into embarrassment.

Just five weeks ago, viewers discovered the 13 students of the class of 2022 of the star academy : Ahcène, Anisha, Carla, Cenzo, Chris, Enola, Julien, Léa, Louis, Paola, Stanislas, Tiana and Amisse. After the elimination of Julien and Stanislas last weekthere were only six left to claim victory: Chris, Enola, Louis, Anisha, Tiana and Léa. After this week’s assessments, Louis, who, according to the teachers, flew over both events, was automatically qualified for the final. His five comrades were put to the public vote and two of them were eliminated at the gates of the final which will take place on November 26 from 10 p.m. During the evening, each of them was able to defend their chances thanks to a duo in tandem with an artist. Among the lovely emotional moments, Énola and Patrick Bruel on Who has the right ? And Tiana, vibrant with sensitivity on winner Mistral by Renaud, with the beautiful Camellia Jordana.

Tiana slightly addicted, poses a problem for Nikos

As the evening progresses, Nikos clearly recovered from his fall who deprived him of presentation of NRJ Music Awards encouraged the public to vote, signaling how close the votes were. At the end of the evening, it is finally Chris and Tiana who were oustedleaving Louis, Anisha, Léa and Enola compete for the final victory. Nikos Aliagas joined the two eliminated on stage to discuss their journey with them. “I never thought I’d make it to the semi-finals,” said Tiana who quickly recovered: “I didn’t already think that one day I would get into Star Ac’ but above all to reach the semi-finals is incredible.”

“First time that you also left the family home, away from parents, to learn something else, without mobile phone“, continued Nikos Aliagas. “Without McDonalds“, she cut him off. Something to destabilize the host. “It’s not an advertisement, it’s a misunderstanding, I say this in all friendship for ARCOMgood evening”, said the bewildered host. But Tiana persisted in error. When the host asked her the first thing she would do when she got home, she still answered McDo… Enough to make the host lose his temper. “But stop with that!”, he launched, exasperated. And no need for the facilitator to seek support from Chris. The latter was obviously ready to give the same answers as his sidekick… star academy, come as you Are ?

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