Stranger Things gives news of its season 5

Stranger Things gives news of its season 5

The creators are already working on the continuation and end of the adventures of our favorite characters in Hawkins.

The season 4 of stranger things broadcast this summer on Netflix was a real hit. Spearhead of the streaming service, the series of the Duffer brothers must return for a fifth and final burst of episodes. But the fans already know it, they will have to take their troubles patiently. It’s unlikely to go live next summer, with the creative teams still busy writing the script for that conclusion.

They had already had to wait three years between the third and fourth season. Things should however take less time this time around as the pandemic seems to be behind us. Aware that the fans are already stamping the idea of ​​​​finding Eleven, Mike and their friends, they have just shared a first information on these final chapters. On Twitter, they have just revealed the title of the first episode of season 5 as well as the cover page of the script.

No question here of learning more about the plot, but we already know who is writing. It is the creators themselves who stick to it. “The Crawl” should bring us the answers to our questions and particularly concerning the cracks which are now in Hawkins. As a reminder, season 4 ended with the opening of portals between the real world and the Upside Down. Vecna ​​put his plan into action, he managed to kill four people and open the gap between realities. Max’s future is therefore more than uncertain. Being his last alleged victim, the young girl could well have succumbed to her injuries and thus cause the apocalypse in Hawkins.

Who will be in the cast?

For the moment, Netflix and the creators cultivate the mystery as to the actors who will return for this last season. If most of the cast should be in the game, the presence of others still remains to be defined. This is the case of Sadie Sink who camps Max Mayfield. Fans are also hoping for a return of Joseph Quin as Eddie.

After only a few episodes, the character has already established itself as one of the favorites of the spectators. His disappearance in the final episode had widely reacted on social networks. Moreover, theories on a potential reappearance of the big-hearted metalhead are numerous on the internet.

Derivative projects

The universe of stranger things may well grow in the coming years. The Duffer brothers plan to produce spin-offs still under the Netflix banner. We do not know much more about these projects at the moment, but they are actively working on them according to the latest information. It must be said that the license stranger things is one of the most popular on Netflix. The platform is not going to let its golden egg goose sleep very long.

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