Stranger Things: Noah Schnapp, “Will Byers” in the series, reveals his homosexuality

Stranger Things: Noah Schnapp, “Will Byers” in the series, reveals his homosexuality

It is in a video published on TikTok this Friday that Noah Schnapp reveals his homosexuality. Known for playing the role of Will Byers in Stranger Thingshit series broadcast on Netflix, the young 18-year-old American actor filmed himself in a short extract.

He lip-synches a voice saying, “It was never that important. Honestly, it will never be that important. A text placed on the top of his video details: “When I finally told my friends and family that I was gay after spending 18 years of fear in the closet and they simply replied we know “.

“I look more like Will than I thought”

The actor echoed his character. “Guess I look more like Will than I thought,” he captioned. In effect, in the seriesWill Byers is in love with Mike, his best friend. After multiple questions from fans, Noah Schnapp had confirmed it himself in an interview with Variety magazine.

Noah Schnapp, through his character Will Byers, contributed to the success of the series from the first season, released on the video platform in July 2016. The three seasons that followed gathered millions of visitors. Season 4, released on May 27, broke records. A week after its launch, it had 286.79 million hours of views worldwide. At the beginning of July, it even exceeded one billion hours of views. A landing that alone the Squid Game series had hitherto acquired.

A fifth and final season is planned. In interview granted to the “Parisian” last May, Noah Schnapp admitted: “I will be sad and upset when it all ends. The series means a lot to me, an important part of my life. It will be funny not to have a new season ahead of me.

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