“Stumbled upon the book” in the show, Wednesday

“Stumbled upon the book” in the show, Wednesday

Annette. I came across the book in the exhibition on Wednesday. What could be better than a book exhibition in the library? This is offered by Anet, Wednesday at 3 pm, with the performance of “Tombé sur un livre”. Caroline Vincent, library manager, says: “Pataruc is a clown who lives in a tree. One night, by strange magic, he is swallowed by the pages of the book of legends. This is the beginning of an adventure that will lead him to meet incredible characters such as Baba Yaga and his chicken leg with long claws, Tourmentine and the fairy Caractos”.

The library is a very active place, especially during the winter holidays. It will remain open according to normal business hours.

“From the 11th to the 25th of February we offer you the opportunity to come and discover a selection of free access board games on the theme of monsters, our theme this year”.

Spectacle. Free admission. Such.

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