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Such a big sun: what awaits you in the episode of this Thursday, January 19, 2023

Such a big sun: what awaits you in the episode of this Thursday, January 19, 2023

Dimitri is the upset witness to the consequences of his tempting job, Christophe macerates in his anger after Ziggy’s euthanasia. As for Enzo, he makes a mistake that could well put an end to the fragile family peace treaty.

Despite the incompetence of the judge in charge of the Rostand case, the investigation of Manu and Alex has progressed, the two men are now certain that Raphaëlle Gibert has no responsibility in the death of the businessman and that’she didn’t train Ziggy to kill his master. All the clues now point in the direction of Darius Hosse, the associate of the deceased who seems to have many corpses in the closet. Achilles (Mathieu Rodriguez) understood that Cecile (Marie-Cecile Cals) suffers terribly from the way he treats her, and seems ready to finally make room in his life for the one who will soon become his adoptive mother. An uplifting news Christopher (Hubert Benhamdine) who tries to ease tensions with his partner. Guillaume, happy to see that Sandra resisted Dimitri’s advances, confesses to her that he is behind this meeting and that he tried to test her loyalty by entrusting the latter with some of the most intimate information about her. A confession of which he pays the consequences immediately. And he’s not the only one paying the checkout…

Will Christophe lead Charles into a bad plan?

It is indeed a bad quarter of an hour for Dimitri. By confessing, Guillaume exposed the tennis teacher to the anger of the young woman. Sandra settles her accounts with Sabine’s lover, steeped in guilt. Is he responsible for the end of a beautiful love story? He confides his doubts to Eve (Emma Colberti)his associate, who does not seem to bother with the same scruples. Does their business really have a future? Manu (Moses Santamaria) and Alex (Benjamin Bourgois) go to the judge with their new discoveries. Furious to see that the two policemen did not follow his orders, will he agree to give them free rein to continue the investigation into Darius Hosse?

Christophe, still upset by the revelations about the investigation, confides in Charles, revolted like him. The vet seems to be up to something bad, will he drag his intern into a mess ? Noémie’s equitherapy project could see the light of day, but for that, Ludo must perform a great personal revolution. Enzo (Teilo Azais) made a huge blunder, revealing a secret to his grandmother Claudine (Catherine Wilkening). Attention mess in sight in the ranks of Becker-Graçay…

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