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Such a big sun: what awaits you in the episode of this Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Such a big sun: what awaits you in the episode of this Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Robin’s state of health inspires the greatest concern. Akim and Ulysse want to meet again after the opening. Alix and Hélène prepare for a new scam.

Robin (Lucas Ivoula) hit by legionellosis has weakened considerably. So that in the night the young man almost succumbed to a heart attack. The hospital is on its toes, mobilized to save Evan’s son (Guillaume Delorme)the new doctor to whom everyone has already become attached. Helene (Sophie Le Tellier) and Alix (Nadia Fossier) organized a new vernissage and without wanting it, the art dealer Hélène fell in love with gave her the idea of a new scam that could literally revolutionize the art world.

Nothing will be possible, however, without the talents of forger of Ulysses who begins to no longer support the situation. And his delicious meeting with Akim only amplifies his desire to stop this flourishing but dangerous business. Johanna (Aurore Delplace) confides more and more in Claudine. She does not know that the latter is angry with her for having established a relationship with Milo Pelletier that she coveted, and thatshe also wants to make him pay for his refusal to associate him with the law firm…

Claudine finally holds the keys to her revenge

Robin’s condition worsens, leaving her parents distraught. Yasmine (Soria Moufakkir) wonders if Gérald made a mistake during the maintenance of the air conditioning. Milo Pelletier (Gregory Questel) who had been in charge of renovating ventilation at the hospital three years earlier, fears that his company does not have a share of responsibility in the infection which threatens the life of the teenager. Johanna imprudently entrusts this element to Claudine (Catherine Wilkening), who could well use it to damage the reputation of the businessman. A way to kill two birds with one stone…

Ulysse and Akim (Malik Elakehal) decide to meet again after having spent an excellent evening together. Ulysses no longer wants to paint fake pictures and seems ready to turn a new page in its history. Alix and Hélène then make him an offer that the young man could have all the trouble in the world to refuse…

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