suggestions by Billy Robinson

suggestions by Billy Robinson

As Montrealers prepare to celebrate Quebec literature on Friday, Métro spoke with Billy Robinson of Librairie de Verdun.

On May 11, the latter received an award of excellence from the Association des libraires du Québec (ALQ).

Passionate about Quebec literature, Billy Robinson is anxious about the approach of August 12, the day I will buy a book about Quebec.

“It’s fun! I get chills just talking about it,” he says right at the beginning.

“12. in August it became mandatory. It’s like Christmas, but in the middle of summer. For me, it’s the most recommended day of the year and it’s what I like to do.”

The one who has been a bookseller for 12 years believes that most customers come with requests for suggestions.

“People seem to have reclaimed the literature of Quebec. People are curious and want to be surprised. That’s the joy of being a bookseller,” says Billy Robinson with stars in his eyes.

“Ten years ago, I fought a lot for Quebec literature, but many looked down on it. But today that is not so much the case,” he rejoices.

The Verdun Bookstore staff expects an extremely busy day on Friday. A certain Danny Laferrière will be there from 11am to sign.

The Literacy Foundation encourages Montrealers to buy a children’s book from Quebec to then offer it to a disadvantaged young person. It is possible to donate directly to Verdun bookstore.

Literary suggestions by Billy Robinson

fancy molassesby Francis Ouellette, published by La Mèche.
“It’s a beautifully penetrating novel that has just been published. The story takes place in the Faubourgs district of south-central Montreal in 1976. A nice mix of David Goudreault’s style, but a bit rawer, tougher, but also with a wacky side. People will love this, it’s really outstanding. Nice writing but very difficult. There are many scenes that are not obvious to read, but this is the reality of a poor neighborhood in a time when everything was happening, but no one was talking. A big hit for me.”

sweet heart, by Joëlle Péloquin, published by Tête Première.
“It’s a story about an 80-year-old woman who, when signing her husband’s death, will realize that she has forgotten herself. She suddenly remembers that she had a family name of Jolicoeur and will remember her first love. This love that developed at Expo 67 with a woman. So, at the age of 80, she decided to live her true life, her true nature, and try to find her first love, in Japan, which is not easy. I was completely enchanted by this work. She writes sensitively, gently, beautifully, and I completely believed in this woman’s idea. Joëlle is young, she is twenty years old, but we completely believe in the story of this 80-year-old woman. That’s wonderful.”

He survivesGeneviève Rioux, published by Mémoire d’encrier
“Geneviève was the victim of an attempted femicide. She was badly stabbed. The culprit in question was never found. This collection of poetry is therefore his survival, his struggle, his acceptance. She told about her entire work and personal journey, but also paid tribute to everyone who helped her. Again, difficult poetry, but full of hope. »

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