‘Sunday, I will not hold back my emotions’: Omar da Fonseca opens up before the France-Argentina final

‘Sunday, I will not hold back my emotions’: Omar da Fonseca opens up before the France-Argentina final

His lyrical flights amuse some, but also disturb. On Sunday, Omar da Fonseca will comment on the football match of the year on beIN Sports.

Special France-Argentina for the group’s consultant, born in Buenos Aires in 1959, who obtained French citizenship 42 years ago.

Very sought after in approach to this “dream poster”and despite “his throat was burning” due to numerous interviews, the former Monegasque dedicated a few minutes to us.

France – Argentina in the final of the World Cup, is this your biggest commentary game?

I do not think so. I have the privilege of commentating many matches, including World Cup matches. Of course, there will be romantic connotations, my feelings will be put to the test. Messi will play the final of his life, and even of his career. On the other hand, I have been in France for 42 years and I love this country.

Do you have an advantage?

To be honest, it won’t change anything in my life. I’m going to have a big moment with the poster of my dreams, but the next day we’re going back to Paris, where I’ll be paying for electricity like everyone else. I will have a happy part of me, another maybe a little sadder. But for there to be a winner, there must be a loser. The most important thing for me is to play well.

Were you hesitant to comment on this match?

That’s a very good question and I hadn’t thought about it. Commented on Argentina v France 2018. I might like to settle in for Sunday and watch it properly as a spectator. If that was the case, I would certainly be less restrained, but since I am in a professional environment, I will try to restrain myself, even if it will be complicated.

More specifically, will you try to get less carried away for Sunday’s game?

Why do you want to keep me? If there is a big action by Messi, Mbappé or another player, I will shout and let the passion take over me. When I express myself, I do so in relation to what I feel. I don’t impose anything on myself because after the game I go to sleep, and the next day life goes on.

So viewers are not sure about your new song?

Yes, I’m not calculating anything. If so, I’d quit my job. When I start singing, I do it because I feel like it.

I don’t hold back my emotions, I’m not mean to my feelings. Imagine, the world would be very sad if we thought like that.

When we return to the field, can we expect a game like 2018?

No because in my opinion it was a fake game. Sampaoli (Argentina’s selection at the World Cup in Russia) did everything to press France high. Fatal mistake with Mbappé who managed to show all his speed. Sunday, that’s not going to happen. We will be in a completely different game and it is also the final!

A final during which Messi could lift the only trophy he lacks. Do you realize that some French fans would not be disappointed to see Argentina triumph?

Absolutely, Messi has conveyed a form of tenderness to all football fans. Sport conveys values, passion, emotions, which Léo does perfectly.

I hear a lot of phrases: “We want Argentina to win for Messi.” It’s unanimous, I’ve even heard: “It’s not so bad if France loses. If Messi wins, we’ll all be little winners.”

In Argentina, he was often in the shadow of Maradona, is it still so despite the World Cup?

Of course, the highlight would be if he took the trophy in his hands on Sunday. But I think it’s a generational thing. For twenty years in Argentina we have lived for Messi. I knew Maradona and I am happy to say that Argentina produced two of the greatest players in the history of this sport.

French fans are afraid of Messi, does Mbappé cause the same fear in the Argentinian side?

Oh yes a lot! We heard in the last games that Mbappé played weaker because he was not decisive in the statistics, but that is not true. He became an icon, a reference. Nobody can replace Messi, but Mbappé will succeed him. The two are the chosen ones of football, and Sunday’s game can also be the handing over of the baton.

It is not to offend the other players to summarize this match in Mbappé against Messi?

Not according to me. Yes, coaches will give advice, there will be disciplinary schemes, but at some point you expect those players to pick up the ball and move forward. They are the ones who change the course of matches and the history of sports. They are there to create emotions and convey them to everyone.

Emotions are activated by those who play the piano, not by those who wear them.

Lately we can hear that Deschamps’ France resembled Germany in the 80s, they suffered but always came out victorious, do you understand this comparison?

Maybe there really is. They are a team that knows how to win and they have already proven that. What is strong is this rebirth despite all the injuries the group has suffered. And France is full of numerous offensive assets with Mbappé, Giroud, Griezmann…

Do you think the French national team is the favorite on Sunday?

We often say “on paper” before the game. And on paper, it cannot be said that France is not the favorite. The players who make it play in better clubs than the Argentines. These are obvious things, which should not offend. But being the favorite does not guarantee success, that is what makes the beauty of this sport and we could see that throughout the World Cup. Especially since there is a trump card named Messi on the other side…

Little forecast?

I don’t like to make predictions. I would like it to go to penalties if we have two hours of football and a nice game full of joy.

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