Surprise in “Les 12 coups de midi”, Jean-Luc Reichmann announces a new rule of the game

Surprise in “Les 12 coups de midi”, Jean-Luc Reichmann announces a new rule of the game

After twelve years of existence, TF1’s successful game is evolving. The champions will have to be even more formidable to try to win the mountain of gifts from the mysterious star.

Since its first broadcast on TF1 on June 28, 2010, “The 12 strokes of noon” underwent some changes in its development. The game produced by Endemol France and revisited by Jean-Luc Reichman is adapted from an Argentinian format, “El Legado”, created in 2002 by Marco Ferrero. In February 2018, the last stage entitled “The mysterious star” had been made more complex by replacing the photo of the personality to be guessed with an image full of clues to guide the midday master in title towards the correct answer. Five years later, the production decided to complicate things further.

“As you know, we invent things every day, it’s a real anthill at the “Twelve strokes of noon””, and announces Jean-Luc Reichmann in the program broadcast this Friday, January 27. “We are going to try a new rule of the game for this new mysterious star. You can only try the mysterious star if you achieve a masterstroke. » It is therefore up to the titular midday master to correctly answer the five questions of the so-called “Masterstroke” stage to have the opportunity to try his luck in “The Mysterious Star”. Something that Nicolas could not do – winner the day before of a showcase of gifts in the amount of 91,568 euros for having discovered the mysterious star of Millie Bobby Brown – with four correct answers out of five.

The game followed by more than 3 million viewers on average every day on TF1 is particularly commented on on social networks. Internet users have not failed to react to this novelty. Many of them, dissatisfied, saw it as a way for production to save money. But apart from the fact that access to the mysterious star is more complicated, it is stripped of its blue boxes at the same rate as before and can therefore be discovered just as quickly. “The new rule is nice, the star will continue to reveal itself. It’s a knowledge bonus.”says a viewer on Twitter. Stéphane, champion with 568,343 euros in earningshad achieved 44 masterstrokes in 152 victories and earned five mystery stars. “If we like this new rule, we will continue in 2023”and promises Jean-Luc Reichmann.

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