“Swiss culinary heritage”, the new Swiss gastronomic bible –

“Swiss culinary heritage”, the new Swiss gastronomic bible –

The book “Swiss Culinary Heritage” lists all the typical products and specialties of the 26 cantons. The book has heritage significance, but it is also an opportunity for gourmets to go beyond the classics and discover lesser-known tastes.

Until now, Swiss culinary specialties have never been identified. This deficiency has now been remedied thanks to the publication of Paul Imhof’s book entitled “Swiss Culinary Heritage”. The book offers a complete list of Swiss specialties. Conclusion: there are more than 450 products in our culinary heritage. A number that surprises and arouses curiosity.

This panorama obviously includes boutefas, cardoon, cuchaule and Botzi pear, but also cured meat Tigets from Uri, Buttenmost rosehip puree from Basel or Rosoli cherry liqueur from central Switzerland.

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Recognize and preserve local products

In the Jura, the land of Damassine and TĂȘte de moine, this book was born. We owe it to the president of the Swiss Culinary Heritage Association, Olivier Girardin. Behind the 700 pages of this bible is hidden the work of several years of documentary research and in the field with manufacturers, in order to identify all typical products.

“If you want to appreciate them, you have to know them, describe them. There are artisans, farmers, cheese makers, butchers. The goal is precisely that this knowledge can be fixed. To see the differences we have from one region to another, from one canton to another . But also to see the common roots and attachment of the population around these products,” explains Olivier Girardin for RTS.

Consume consciously

Homemade cuisine that is worth discovering and that encourages a different and more conscious consumption. “When we are interested in a product and its quality, we will avoid throwing it away. We will consume it with awareness. And behind these products from our culinary heritage is the knowledge that makes the difference,” emphasizes Olivier Girardin. .

Quality and simplicity within reach of all taste buds, that is the promise of this bible of Swiss culinary heritage.

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Paul Imhof, “Swiss Culinary Heritage”, folio editions, December 2022.

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