Taponnat-Fleurignac: a book to bring their son back to life

Taponnat-Fleurignac: a book to bring their son back to life

A fierce struggle, until his death on December 22, 2012 at the age of 22. It is a journey strewn with pitfalls that they talk about in the book “We were his body, he was our brain, the story of Kévin, our son” published on Editions Douro will 1is February.

In this book of 141 pages, Kevin’s parents return to the discovery of the disease, through the eyes of loved ones, to daily life with him. “ We wrote a book, a great way to make it eternal, to bring it back to life through writing despite this worn-out life,” parents assure.

When the disease was announced, the parents turned to healers and alternative medicine, which they quickly gave up. They were even advised to go to Lourdes. Refusal. Life goes on between consultations and visits to the physiotherapist.

Despite the illness, their son continued his education, in his armchair, at the Taponnat municipal school, then at the college and high school, where classes were organized. “Public education was the only administrative body that was exceptional from beginning to end”, emphasizes Jocelyne. Kévin earned a degree in science. A small party is organized in his home. CL reiterated this at the time.

“Medical error”

Kevin was involved in all the Telethons and his aunt was the coordinator for several years. However, his family does not have fond memories AFM with which she is compared ” company “. The difficulty in getting the medical equipment Kevin needs, help with begging, is mentioned in many chapters.

For twenty-two years we led a normal life.

Life went on despite the disability. “For twenty-two years we led a normal life. We went on vacation, we received friends,” describe the parents. The chapter “From one hospital to another” testifies to the difficulties associated with the disease. Very young, Kévin attended hospitals: Saint-Vincent de Paul in Paris, Poitiers, then Garches in the Paris region where the boy was cared for by a teacher who gained the trust of his family.

From 1995 to 2001, monitoring was regular, without special incidents. Subsequently, during their stay in hospitals, parents recognize the mistrust of the medical community. In the book, they talk about the difficulties they face in the hospital center in Angoulême. At the end of 2012, Kévin was hospitalized. “It seemed like a cold was starting”, assure the parents. Kevin dies on December 22nd. “He did not die of his illness, but of the consequences of a medical error”, assessment, inconsolable, parents who filed the report, investigation not closed. Everything is shown in detail in the illustrated photo book dedicated to him.

“We were his body, he was our brain, the story of Kevin, our son”, Editions Douro (20 euros). Available in bookstores.

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