Tarbes: For their 80th birthday, Pyrenean singers release an event CD

Tarbes: For their 80th birthday, Pyrenean singers release an event CD

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Friday evening, the Pyrenean singers of Tarbes were received by the mayor Gérard Trémège, on the occasion of the release of their CD “Passionnément” which marks their 80 years of existence, and just before an event concert at the church of Saint -Jeans.

“I discovered them when I was elected mayor and I was dazzled by the talent of this extraordinary group”. Gérard Trémège is full of praise for the Pyrenean singers of Tarbes whom he received on Friday in his office at the town hall, on the occasion of the release of their new CD “Passionnément” which marks their 80th anniversary. existence and their influence far beyond the borders of Bigorre as far as Germany.

The songs chosen by their audience

The songs of this event album, which was recorded live and in public at the Saint-Jean church, were chosen in an original way, as explained by Bernard Noguès, choirmaster. “We asked our public which of the 200 songs in our repertoire would be those they would like to see appear on an anniversary CD. 3000 people lent themselves to the game. The first 17 songs elected by the public are part of this album “. The cover, also unique, is made up of a collection of black and white and color photos and press articles, which represent singers from all eras.

A group that renews itself

“Youth is also well represented in this album” underlines Mickaël Louit, one of the youngest members of the group, notably with Pierre and Christophe. “But we are constantly recruiting to lower the average age”. As specified by Eric Fiacre, the president of the group, the booklet includes the lyrics of the songs to facilitate their understanding and transmission to younger generations. “These are people I love because they convey deep values ​​rooted in our land and in our history, through Occitan and Basque singing. I would like to say thank you to them for who they are and for what ‘they do, show them my friendship and my affection again’ underlines Gérard Trémège. The Pyrenean singers of Tarbes CD is available online on the Pyrenean singers of Tarbes website and at local points of sale.

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