Tarbes: the rap singer finances his video clips by selling drugs

Tarbes: the rap singer finances his video clips by selling drugs

Four men were found in possession of drugs by the police in the streets of Tarbes on Monday January 9. One of them, wanted for producing and distributing a rap music video featuring weapons and drugs, confessed to selling them to finance “his art”.

On the evening of January 9, the police officers of the anti-crime brigade of Tarbes noticed the suspicious behavior of four individuals unfavorably known to their services, leaving a building to walk towards the Place de Verdun.

When one of them understands that the police are following them, he gets rid of a bag in the street. Searched, they are all found in possession of cannabis. The oldest also has cocaine. While the four friends are taken to the station where they are placed in police custody, a search is carried out at the home of the oldest, and the link is quickly established with another case.

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Wanted by the police after broadcasting a rap video clip where weapons are exhibited, and drug transactions staged, the man denies advocating drug trafficking in his works. On the other hand, he admits to selling cocaine and cannabis occasionally to finance his career as a rap singer since he stopped working.

At his home, the weapons filmed are also found and seized. After analysis, it turns out that they are harmless since they are used in the cinema in particular, as confirmed by the gunsmith who sold them to the rap singer.

If his weapons were returned to him, the man received a summons to court for possession of narcotics like one of his friends. The other two are the subject of a penal order.

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