target of a rumour, Pierre Arditi clarifies things!

target of a rumour, Pierre Arditi clarifies things!

Is Pierre Arditi about to retire? This is what certain rumors from the corridors of film studios suggest. Asked by our colleagues from Soir Mag, the actor answers.

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Pierre Arditi is not close to retiring and it is he himself who says so. It’s on TV that he started acting by playing supporting roles in TV movies, before he tried his hand at cinema. Moviegoers still remember his notable roles in Melo, Smoker / Non-smokeror in The Blood of the Vine on the television. His passion for the profession takes him both on the theater boards and in the studios for film dubbing. At 77, Pierre Arditi does not intend to slow down the pace despite some rumours… “He is tired, he no longer likes current cinema. He is going to put an end to his career…”affirm certain hallway noises. Our colleagues from Evening Mag wanted to ask the main interested party the question.

Pierre Arditi ready for retirement?

“Fake news! I totally deny it”loose Pierre Arditi. I don’t know where it comes from. I fully keep my love of the job, otherwise I wouldn’t do it anymore. If you no longer love something or someone, you have to leave”. “On the contrary, I worked a lot this year. I toured a lot. I sometimes tell myself that I have to slow down the pace a little, but I repeat to you what I have already said 25 times: I only have one career plan, it is my desire”continues the famous actor, who thanks to his success can make the choice in the roles he receives.

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“Covid has changed our behavior”

“I refuse a lot of projects that don’t interest me, yes. But I remain full of desires. So slow down, deep down, no; maybe sort more, there yes. But it’s out of the question for me to distance myself from the scene”also assures Pierre Arditi, to the delight of his fans. But he also tackles another subject: for the past few years, the world of cinema has been experiencing a real crisis, because the French are shying away from cinemas. A problem that “disturbs” Pierre Arditi. “The social, political and even medical context with Covid has changed our behavior. Teleworking has gradually curbed people’s curiosity to dress up and step outside. We’ll be back, I’m sure.”assured the actor, optimistic. Fans will therefore be able to see it on the screen for a long time to come.

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