Tarn: the Pause Guitare festival and the CO unite for a partnership

Tarn: the Pause Guitare festival and the CO unite for a partnership

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The Pause Guitare Sud de France Festival and the Castres Olympique have just formalized their partnership for the coming season. Reduced rates, contests, posters… many collaborations will take place throughout the year between these two major players in the department.

The Pause Guitare festival and the Castres Olympique, two actors, real drivers of the department in their respective fields, have decided to join forces. A partnership, at the initiative of the departmental council and its president Christophe Ramond, mainly based on exchange, particularly in terms of visibility and communication for the two institutions.

“Our subscribers will have specific pricing and there will also be digital activations with tickets to be won throughout the year until the festival which will be held from July 4 to 9 in Albi”, specifies the communication from the club.

“Reunify an entire territory”

“The Pause Guitare festival is a reference event in the Tarn and beyond which brings in prestigious artists. Like the Castres Olympique, this event promotes and discovers our territory. It was logical that we were associated. Many of our supporters go to Pause Guitare. The festival continues to grow and unites an increasingly large audience every year,” explained Matthias Rolland, director of Castres Olympique.

Same speech on the side of Alain Navarro, director and programmer of the festival, “great supporter of the CO” and “convinced” of the interest of this partnership: “We are aware that the Castres Olympique and the Pause Guitare Sud de France festival are two strong markers of our territory. More than ever, anchoring in this territory represents a real challenge for the future. It is a question here of reuniting a whole territory, namely the people residing in the south Tarn and those in the North. This future will depend on our ability to work and promote the Department, so that it becomes a brand in its own right. »

Common wishes

“This rapprochement should almost have been done before finally because we have a lot in common. We try to keep an amateur state of mind while being very professional in our work and being able to play in the big leagues. And then I think that we still have a lot of our supporters who are also Pause Guitare spectators so we can hope that the reverse path will also happen, ”added Mathias Rolland. And Christophe Ramond added: “We have two institutions that generate a very positive image, enthusiasm and happiness in our region. They convey the same values.

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