Television. Welcome to “Diverto”, the new guide to your TV evenings

Television. Welcome to “Diverto”, the new guide to your TV evenings

“Diverto is a global entertainment magazine”

The editor-in-chief of the magazineI appreciate», Roxane Centola, details the surprises and major events that your new weekly TV guide has in store for you.

What differentiates “Diverto” from other TV magazines?

Diverto is a global entertainment magazine that will focus on television and platforms in its paper version: we will leave aside people news or media news to focus on the guide and the recommendation of content. Moreover, on the Web, Diverto will open up very strongly to all other forms of culture (cinema, music, shows, video games, books, etc.)

Was it time to rethink the TV guide because viewer usage has changed?

To create Diverto, 150 people from regional daily press titles (PQR) worked for two years to best respond to the new uses of screens and television by their readers. This allowed us in particular to highlight that one out of two PQR readers subscribes to a streaming platform and therefore we have decided to no longer deal with this offer at the margin in our guides and recommendations but to put it at the same level. than DTT and linear television.

What will be the highlights each week?

Our big “Diverto presents” event will take the form of a double-page interview with the personality who will be on the front page. For this first issue, Audrey Fleurot is in the spotlight for a third season of HPI on TF1, with exclusive images. The “Zoom of the week” will be a focus on a program (a new show, a series or but also a record release or a show). This week, you will notably have words from Alix Poisson who returns to Arte with the series ” Games of influence ”. We will also offer a double page each week around the programs that highlight the territories that broadcast us.

“Diverto” will also be available online: what original content will be offered there?

Diverto has really been thought of as a webfirst media: we have 800 contents produced each month, 80% of which will be for the web. There will be a topical thread on entertainment in the broad sense (music, shows, books, TV, etc.) and podcasts will gradually be offered. We also already shot a live video session. The idea is to meet artists in the region to keep this very strong link with the regional titles that broadcast us. We will also be present on social networks.

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