Tenoise was inspired by the legend of Dene to create a children’s book

Tenoise was inspired by the legend of Dene to create a children’s book

Christal Doherty and Carla Rae Taylor published their first book together, How the raven brought back the sun [Comment le corbeau a rendu le soleil] 2016. Continuation, How the raven turned black [Comment le corbeau est devenu noir] has just been released and the two creators hope to soon be able to deliver copies to communities in the Sahtu region.

With Carla, we wanted to convey the stories and legends of the Dene to the world, to the communities and the school system.explains Christal Doherty.

She, who is also a teacher, points out that not all young people who have access to the elderly know these stories.

So I told myself that a book would probably be the best way to make these stories known and prevent them from falling into oblivion.

The crow who loved colors too much

The book tells about how the animals got their colors and how the crow tried to grab the most beautiful ones, while the other birds did not realize this and tried to take them away from her.

Christal Doherty says that she first heard this story from the mouth of Charles Neyelle, in Délı̨nę. Since then, she has decided to narrate the first part and use it as an instrument to learn words in her language, such as colors and plant names.

I wanted a story aimed at a younger audience, and I believe the second part is aimed at a slightly older audience. I just made some adjustmentsshe explains.

The book, written in English and the Kede Dene language, was published by the Cultural Society of the Northwest Territories.

Originally from Yellowknife but based in Edmonton, Carla Rae Taylor is happy to be able to illustrate the story.

It was a real pleasure to create the images for this story. There are many colors and playful charactersshe notes.

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