“That’s enough !” : at 81, Eddy Mitchell made a radical decision

“That’s enough !” : at 81, Eddy Mitchell made a radical decision

Eddy Mitchell, like many other artists, is both a singer and an actor. On the occasion of the release of the film A small miracle of Sophie Boudre in which he plays, Johnny Hallyday’s close friend has made a few confidences, one of which will probably be talked about a lot. It must be said that the interpreter of “Mint color in water” has always been cash in his speeches.

If he really likes acting, the one who will celebrate its 81st birthday in July decided not to perform again. “I’m going to make records again, that’s obvious. It’s part of my life. But the stage, no”he confided to the microphone of yahoothis Tuesday, January 24. And the reason is ultimately very simple: I no longer want to go on the roads, to take planes, I no longer want to take trains, carsand find myself at the hotel at one o’clock in the morning or at two o’clock eating a gourmet salad.”

An unequivocal decision for the singer

The one who obviously appreciates the profession of actor then added: “I wish that I continue to be requested at the cinema, and the music, that’s fine, I gave, thank you. (…) The stage, I started singing when I was 14, I’m soon 81, that’s enough! An announcement that will sadden fans of the singer who began his career in 1963. But the latter will nevertheless be able to console themselves with the new albums of the artist.

On the passage of time, Eddy Mitchell said that he did not fear “to grow old”adding that according to him it was “especially in the head” : “And in my head, it’s going very well”he explained. The one who never seemed afraid of death said he nevertheless had an eye on his health by the way “examinations very, very often”. And to reassure everyone: “Everything is fine.”. death is part of life. You have to accept it”he had declared in the columns of TV Magazinesame if he wanted it to happen, “as late as possible and with little suffering if possible”. Before that day, the artist should offer his fans new albums and new films, but for the tours, he said, it’s over!

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