Thays lives in a van and sings on the subway to achieve his dream

Thays lives in a van and sings on the subway to achieve his dream

Thays, 25, dreams of one day performing “on the scene of Bercywith my own dancers. To put the odds on her side, the young woman left Nantes one year ago. After giving up his various jobs – from babysitting and personal services – she bought a van and went to Paris. “My father told me ‘You will come back in a month’. But I won’t go back until I get there! “.

“I did everything to make my dream come true”

“I’ve been singing for a long time, I started casting at the age of 9: Disney Channel Talent, pop stars, New star, Amazing talentMany times The voice… I was always told no, she regrets. So, I managed on my own: one day, I had the dream of dropping everything and driving off to Paris to make music… so I did everything to make this dream come true”.

Every day, Thays sings in the paris metro : “I only earn what people give! Five cents, ten cents, one or two euros, sometimes even ten euros. When I started, I earned ten euros for one or two hours of singing, but now I manage to collect between forty and ninety euros a day. To achieve this, I sing four hours in a row without stopping”.

“I don’t give myself an ultimatum. I’m going to stay here, go sing in the metro, in the streets, but also go knock on the doors of radiosof the record companies. Besides, I’m going to stay in my truck because I can’t afford to rent an apartment. But I won’t let go, that’s out of the question, I won’t let go,” says Thays.

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