The 12 noon shots: a candidate says he would be “better dead than alive”!

The 12 noon shots: a candidate says he would be “better dead than alive”!

By Grandma Yves Ratsimbazafy

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Fans of the Twelve noon shots certainly remember Paul El Kharat. This candidate with autism who very quickly won their hearts in 2019. Interviewed by our colleagues from France Sunday, he made some particularly moving revelations.

Revealed in 2019 during his participation in the Twelve strokes of noonPaul El Kharat is now a real celebrity on the small screen. He has indeed captured the attention of the public with his incomparable knowledge and irreproachable general culture. The young man suffers as a reminder of Asperger’s autism since his early childhood. A disease on which he recently confided in our colleagues from France Sunday: “ I see, consider and hold back far too many things that shouldn’t be and that hurt me so much. Existential considerations that I make to myself each time something negative is brought to my attention that I don’t like or that prevents me from moving forward and being happy “. He then goes on to say: Those who attack me so much in my being, my brain and my heart. That I can sometimes come to think that I’d be better off dead than alive “.

Paul El Kharat delivers without any filter

This interview was also for Paul El Kharat the opportunity to confide in his private life. The candidate of the Twelve noon shots who has always been particularly discreet on this subject. According to him, he would like to fall in love one day, but even this prospect would scare him. ” I’m afraid of abusing this feeling to excess… At the risk that the descent will be catastrophic and cause too much suffering. It’s my way of protecting myself. Do not be too happy so as not to sink into deep disarray once the happiness has fled he declares.

Having a life as a couple involving becoming a father, he also spoke of this eventuality: “ I love babies ! It’s like falling in love. I would love to see what it feels like to become a father. Afterwards, I hope it will be nice. ‘Cause it’s for life “. Paul El Kharat managed to stay in Les Douze coups de midi for many months. In addition to being an undisputed champion, he is also today a columnist in Les Grosses Têtes. An irreproachable media career in which he devotes all his time.

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