The 12 noon shots: Stéphane’s dream if one day he goes on another show

The 12 noon shots: Stéphane’s dream if one day he goes on another show

Every lunchtime for twelve years, you can find the host of 12 noon shots at the head of his show. For some time now, Stéphane takes the place of midday master. It has currently exceeded 103 participations and is in the Top 5 of the best midi masters. Although his career in the TF1 show is not over yet. This does not prevent him from already thinking about the end of his adventure. He wants to continue and undoubtedly go as far as possible. However, he recently admitted to having a dream for after his adventure. In this dream, he already sees other game shows. Confidences that greatly amused Jean-Luc Reichmann. We’ll explaine everything here !

Stéphane: the current master in the 12 noon shots

If you follow the daily broadcasts of 12 noon shots, then you know Stéphane. The current noon master continues to chain victories on the small screen. With already 103 participations to his credithe is currently in fifth place in the ranking of the greatest midday masters. A success in itself. However, it would seem that Stéphane does not give up. He takes on every show and wins large amounts as a result. At the moment, his overall kitty amounts to 422,447 euros in winnings. And this, as well as four mysterious stars and many other gifts.

While Stéphane continues to win the daily broadcasts of 12 noon shots, he can’t help but think about his life after the TF1 adventure. The current midday master has succeeded, over time, in create a beautiful friendship with the animator, Jean-Luc Reichmann. The two manage to discuss many subjects during the 12 noon shots broadcasts. They confide in each other about new things, memories or even their dreams. During an interview for our colleagues from Tele-LeisureStephane has held to entrust a dream that he has. Indeed, he spoke of his wishes for his potential future participation in game shows.

He would like to share his passion for games

Stéphane, the current master in the 12 noon shots, has two sons. Aymeric (17) and Anthony (14). His whole family supports him on the TF1 show and encourages him to continue the victories. It must be said that Stéphane has already managed to reach an impressive stage of 12 noon shots. Despite this, the latter had already mentioned that his youngest son could not often appear on the set of Jean-Luc Reichmann. ” He doesn’t have much time to do videos with his schedule “, he confided. And this, while remembering that it was not for lack of desire but more linked to the fact that he is at boarding school.

As far as his sons are concerned, Stéphane is very protective. Know then that during an interview with our colleagues from Télé-Loisirs recently, the current master in the 12 noon shots made heart-warming confidences. The latter has not completely closed the doors on potential visibility for them. Indeed, he said: I would like to play with my sons, in order to share my experience with them “. He even added that was one of his biggest dreams now that he is participating in the 12 noon shots.

He wants to continue the game shows after the 12 noon shots

If you didn’t know, when he entered the 12 noon shots set, Stéphane admitted to loving game shows. To be able to take part in Jean-Luc Reichmann’s programme, he must have made ten failed attempts. A real fighter, especially when he knows what he wants. ” I had already made a few games before. If I have the opportunity to do it again later, it will be a great joy “, he confided.

Yes, Stéphane has already participated in a few game shows before. And this, of which Everyone wants to take its place, Find the intruder and No one had thought of that! Moreover, it would seem that the 12 strokes of noon is not the last television program in which he wishes to participate. Indeed, he already intends to have his place in the Battle of the Mastersthe competition between the greatest champions of the TF1 game. ” I would be happy to face the best. I think I would be less savvy than some, but I would like to know where I stand compared to them “Concluded the current midday master, Stéphane.

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