The 12 strokes of noon: this new rule that will upset the masters of noon

The 12 strokes of noon: this new rule that will upset the masters of noon

On the set of “12 noon shots” Friday January 27, Jean-Luc Reichmann makes an unexpected announcement. A new rule was decided by the production, probably to complicate the game a little. Indeed, it risks complicate access to the mysterious star. We explain all this in detail in this article.

On the set of “12 noon shots”, Nicolas succeeds Stéphane

Surely you know, Stephane was eliminated over a week ago now. Since the end of his adventure on January 20, he seems to be struggling to turn the page. Indeed, he confided, during an interview, to have rather bad experience this elimination. According to him, this failure is due to a relaxation on his part. Anyway, he will surely be relieved to have participated in the “12 strokes of noon” before this new rule made its appearance.

The champion who took over from Stéphane is called Nicolas. He too discovered a mysterious star before things got complicated on this TV set. And this discovery, he made it last Thursday, after four appearances. Nicolas guessed that actress Millie Bobby Brown was hiding behind this famous star. Thus, the candidate won 91,568 euros in gifts.

But now, winning the jackpot will be even more complicated. The day after Nicolas’ nice victory, Jean-Luc Reichmann announced a new rule to which nobody expected. And with this one, it seems that the production wanted to spice things up a little bit for the midday masters.

A new rule comes to complicate the access to the mysterious star

Friday January 27 on the set of “12 noon shots”, while Nicolas was about to attempt the “masterstroke”, the host surprised the public, the candidates and the viewers. Namely that the stage of the “masterstroke” allows to inflate the kitty and to collect new clues which will be used to unlock the secret of the mysterious star.

“We invent things every day! It’s a real anthill at the “12 strokes of noon”. For this star, there is a new rule of the game. You will only be able to attempt the mysterious star if you achieve a ‘masterstroke’. I find it very interesting. We try it! And if we like it, we keep it! » explained Jean-Luc Reichmann. With this new rule, the game turns out to be more attractivebut also more complicated. Indeed, the champions will have to redouble your efforts to achieve their ends.

Nicolas therefore tested this new rule just after its announcement by the host of “12 noon shots”. And unfortunately for him, he did not have access to the mysterious star. Indeed, the champion failed to give five correct answers in the very last round. However, only a clear round offers access to the star now. Nevertheless, even if he could not do proposal, Nicolas still visualized the clues revealed. It remains to be seen what viewers think of this new rule…

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