The 50 Best Selling Books of 2022 on

The 50 Best Selling Books of 2022 on

In this year’s top 10, two titles are already among the top ten in Winners 2021, Where I land etc Law. Just published November 18, 2022, biography Pierre Gervais: In the heart of the dressing room rose to fifth place. Local literature is certainly in the center of attention, with more than 40 titles. An extraordinary woman ranks 1st and was also on winners on August 12, 2022and immediately after it follows the novel by Alain Farah, winner of the 2022 Governor General’s Award.

These two previously named novels were “Bookseller’s Choice”. At the top of the list, others who also received our stamp ” Booksellers recommend ” or ” Booksellers burst »are then Where I land, Kremlin mag, kings of silence etc Maple. In total, nine titles were crowned with a double seal, including Everything is fine, May our joy remain etc My own daughter.

Number 2 was a book signed by psychoeducator Sarah Hamel and illustrated by Irène Lumineau. There are two books in the “practical life” category on the list, and the second one is also for parents, Be the expert for your little one. Five children’s books were the most popular. All are the work of Elisa Gravel, except The smelly tribe which she wrote with Magali Le Huche as illustrator. In the same number of five, essays were popular, including two published by Lux. From the same publisher we find a collection of comic texts Allegory of the dish drawer. Three comics won a place for themselves this year. Among the publishing houses with the most titles are Court Scale and Stanké, followed equally by Lux, Marchand de Feuilles, Gallimard and Flammarion.

On rows 6, 12, 28 and 45 there are books that belong Preliminary lists for 2023 (adult section) Quebec Booksellers Association Booksellers Awards. As usual, it is not without surprise that at the exit of such a list, books that stood out in different ways reappear. To name a few more, without getting here to an exhaustive list of all the features of each of them: Kremlin mag (winner of the Grand Prix of the French Academy and novel of non-Canadian selection The meeting of the first novel), fancy molasses (finalist at Literary award for students), When I say nothing, I still mean it (winner Alain-Grandbois Prize of the Literary Academy of Quebec) etc Little astronaut (winner 2021 ACBD Critics Award).

Let’s finish the review of this list of winners by mentioning a few authors you may have come across between the pages of one of the magazine’s issues. booksellers in 2022. Coverage number 129 is the work of a cartoonist Catherine Ocelot which we find here with Symptoms“Bookseller’s Choice”. René Lévesque: Something like a great man is another comic that joined the “Les libraires crack” selection. Article entitled To turn comics into an art form about the house for which he appeared, namely Moelle Graphik, he appeared in file number 134. Among the readings of our one-day bookstores, In the land of silent despair was on the list Pierre-Yves Lord, forest woman of that of Marie-Soleil Dionthen the poetry collection of Camille Readman Prud’homme delighted Emile Proulx-Cloutier etc Marian Mazza. She was very touched Where I land. Kevin Lambert, to whom we are indebted May our joy remainhe offered a interview in the autumn 2022 issue. Claudia Larochelle chimed in interview the author people from the northPerrine Leblanc, who is in the running for Five Continents Award.

A few statistics

  • 92% of the titles are books from Quebec.
  • 72% of the titles were published in 2022, and 18% in 2021.
  • 58% of the titles are booksellers’ choices, i.e. books that our booksellers fell for or participated in the Les libraires advice initiative.
  • 48% of the titles are novels for adults.

50 best sellers on the website

  1. An extraordinary womanCatherine Ethier (Stanké)
  2. Ti-pou of America: Better understand this to better interveneSarah Hamel (Saint-Jean)
  3. Mille secrets mille dangersAlain Farah (Le Quartanier)
  4. Where I landCaroline Dawson (Breakdown)
  5. Pierre Gervais: In the heart of the dressing roomMathias Brunet (Ovation Media)
  6. Kremlin magGiuliano Da Empoli (Gallimard)
  7. kings of silenceOlivier Niquet (Your Mother)
  8. MapleDavid Goudreault (Stanké)
  9. LawMichel Jean (Free Expression)
  10. a state of terrorLouise Penny and Hillary Rodham Clinton (Flammarion Quebec)
  11. A love accountPierre-Yves McSween and Paul-Antoine Jetté (Saint-Jean)
  12. PenanceAlex Viens (The August Horse)
  13. forest womanAnaïs Barbeau-Lavalette (leaf seller)
  14. From Zero to Millionaire: Investing in the Stock Market without SufferingNicolas Bérubé (La Presse editions)
  15. fancy molassesFrancis Ouellette (The Wick)
  16. In the land of silent despairMarie-Pierre Duval (Stanké)
  17. Allegory of the dish drawerFabien Cloutier (Lux)
  18. Harvest the forestGérald Le Gal and Ariane Paré-Le Gal (cardinal)
  19. the queen of nothingGeneviève Pettersen (Stanké)
  20. The Alaska Sanders caseJoel Dicker (Rosie & Wolfe)
  21. Everything is finePaul Serge Forest (VLB publisher)
  22. Be the expert for your little oneMélanie Bilodeau (mid-thirties)
  23. Pink, blue and you! A book about gender stereotypesElise Gravel (short scale)
  24. Remarkably forgotten (t.3): They were AmericaSerge Bouchard, Marie-Christine Lévesque and Terry Randy Awashish (Lux)
  25. river womanAnaïs Barbeau-Lavalette (leaf seller)
  26. royal familyStephane Rousseau (KO)
  27. Prayer of the black spruceSerge Bouchard (Boreal)
  28. René Lévesque: Something like a great mancollective (Moelle Graphik)
  29. When I say nothing, I still mean itCamille Readman Prud’homme (The Goose of Cravan)
  30. On the edge: Exploring our common fatiguesVéronique Grenier (Workshop 10)
  31. North of MontrealMariana Mazza (Quebec America)
  32. Little astronautJean-Paul Eid (Watermelon)
  33. The RomansRejean Ducharme (Gallimard)
  34. Family Channel GenerationSimon Portelance and Guy A. St Cyr (Quebec America)
  35. May our joy remainKevin Lambert (Héliotrope)
  36. Moral: From left cannibal to right vandalAlain Deneault (Lux)
  37. Jean Leloup: Great moments lucidityOlivier Boisvert-Magnen (Les Malins)
  38. The smelly tribeElise Gravel and Magali Le Huche (short scale)
  39. It’s my body!Elise Gravel (schoolboy)
  40. people from the northPerrine Leblanc (Gallimard)
  41. Rediscovering Love: How Patriarchy Sabotages Genuine RelationshipsMona Chollet (Zone)
  42. ResonancesPatrick Senécal (Alire)
  43. My own daughterGabrielle Boulianne-Tremblay (The Leaf Merchant)
  44. The hanged manLouise Penny (Flammarion Quebec)
  45. White shadowsDominique Fortier (Viola)
  46. DestroyMichel Houellebecq (Flammarion)
  47. TiochtiákeMichel Jean (Free Expression)
  48. Potatoes on a bicycleElise Gravel (short scale)
  49. SymptomsCatherine Ocelot (Pow Pow)
  50. I’m hungry!Elise Gravel (short scale)
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