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The 6 signs that will make a lot of money in 2023

The 6 signs that will make a lot of money in 2023

The years follow each other but are not necessarily alike. 2022 has been more docile with certain astrological signs than others, it will be the same for 2023… There are new lucky people who will be able to rejoice! The zodiac signs that are favored for earning a lot of money this year are the fire and earth signs.


You are going to start the year on a high note and that is an understatement. Indeed, the planets are aligned for you, especially during the first semester. Jupiter, planet of abundance stays in your quarters until May 15 without making a dissonant aspect. For much of 2023 money will be the least of your worries. That said, it would still be wise on your part to save a certain amount of money, in order to better understand the future and the rest of the year without having too much worry on that side.


It’s well known, putting aside is your credo, your trademark! Rest assured dear bullyou will be able to save this year without difficulty. From May 16, Jupiter will pass through your neighborhoods, which brings good luck. In addition, Mercury, the small financier of the zodiac transits earth signs, which represents a boon for your finances. In addition, on June 19, a harmonic aspect between Jupiter and Saturn can announce a good inflow of money, an investment thanks to which you will succeed in settling a current loan.


Jupiter in friendly sign will be generous with you until mid-May. Thereafter, Jupiter in Taurus will encourage you to save and be cautious, which is not a bad thing. On the contrary, it’s time to stop flaming if you don’t want to end the year in great difficulty. Despite everything, you can count on the support of Mercury who will come to qualify all this and will be by your side in June, October, the end of November and the end of December.


The beginning of the year will start in halftone for this expensive sector virgin. Despite everything, Mercury comes in force for everything related to commercial transactions during the following periods: from January to February 10, from April 3 to June 10, from July 28 to October 4 and finally from December 1 to 22. Finally, and for your greatest happiness, Jupiter as a friendly sign from mid-May until the end of the year will come to ease the tensions that you may feel within you but also around you. Indeed, cash inflows are to be expected which should put butter in the spinach.


Sagittariusyou start the year with Jupiter, the lucky planet, in a fiery sign until mid-May. This bodes well for your current or future affairs. Think about saving because mercury in dissonant aspect with saturn and neptune in the sign of Pisces come to make you lose your footing in this area. If you are more vigilant during the following periods, everything should go well: end of June, beginning of August, beginning of October, and in November.


Like any earth sign, the first months of the year with Jupiter in Aries will be complicated throughout this first period. However, Mercury in your quarters from January to early February will allow you to breathe until then. But, from May 16, the trend is likely to be reversed. Indeed, Jupiter transits a friendly sign, it is a godsend for you. You will no longer have to worry about how you will end the month.

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