The ACBD award announces its winner

The ACBD award announces its winner

Since 2015,Association of Comic Critics and Journalists (ACBD) created a Quebec division for its Prix de la critique. Who will succeed Jean-Paul Eidlast year’s winner with Little astronaut?

This is Have itwith Football-Fantasywho won ACBD Critics Award. This will get its reward during Comic gathering in Gatineau, December 3. The award aims to “support and highlight, in the spirit of discovery, a comic published in French, with strong narrative and graphic requirements, striking in its strength, originality, novelty of its theme or the means the author deploys in it”.

Here’s what Cassandre Sioui, from Hannenorak Bookstore, said: “Zviane has achieved quite a feat with this block, a most original comic in which black and white and bright colors alternate. The script, skillfully put together, is incredible. Two young girls desperate to survive escape from a mad scientist’s lair and land in Football-Fantasy, in the Banana-Banana archipelago, where their spoken language is incomprehensible. Dubious scientific experiments, political upheavals, epic police chases and a touch of madness: all the ingredients are there to keep us going until the end. The nods to Quebec history and this absurd banana-bananian language are hilarious. A unique work to read and re-read! »

Preference was given by 95 members of the jury Football-Fantasy on Paris for Dallaire, Mégantic: Train in the Night etc Wendy: Master of Arts. Awarded last year by Bedelys Award for the same title, Zviane collects a dozen comics, incl Apnea etc Otherawarded the prize Cause. Other also received an award Joe Shuster.

In addition, the selection committee for the ACBD Young Critics Award presented five finalists. The winner will be announced on December 3.

Anna and Entremonde, Marc Dubuisson etc Cy (Glenat)

break your heart, Frog etc the world (Dupuis)

The silence of the shadow, Xavier Betaucourt and Elodie Garcia (Jungle)

The sixteenth spring, Yunbo (Delcourt)

Long turkey walk, Leonie Bischoff etc Kathleen Karr (Rue de Sevres)

Photo: © Prune Paycha

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