“The Affair of the Rue Soufflot”, the first novel of Lectouroise Laurence Sellin

“The Affair of the Rue Soufflot”, the first novel of Lectouroise Laurence Sellin

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Based in Lectoure, Laurence Sellin chose the thriller path to self-publish her first book on the process of influence.

Lectouroise Laurence Sellin has just published her first book, “The Rue Soufflot Affair”. A conversation with the author.

At what point in your career did you decide to write?

I was born in Marmande and I am fifty years old. I come from a farming family in Saint-Avit-Frandat. I graduated from the Institute of Political Studies in Toulouse and the Faculty of Law in Grenoble. I am a freelance legal meeting transcriptionist. I’ve been a fan of thrillers for 25 years, and reading them made me want to write them. At the end of my book, I also quote authors I love, to pay tribute to them.

What is the theme of this first book?

I wrote this book to illustrate the processes of control, which I believe are increasingly present in a hypercompetitive society and which can appear in any area of ​​life, against the background of the idea that people under influence rarely understand their situation. I express my wish that the fact of reading stories on this topic enables one of them to become aware of it, which would be the first step to get out of it. At the end of my book, I also quote other thrillers, as well as an essay on this topic.

Why the pole?

Having spent a number of years in college desks, I did not want to write in an academic way. So I chose the path of the thriller, this literary mode is also entertainment where the reader has to use his imagination to guess who the culprits are, and at the same time it allows to illustrate what I believe to be a widespread phenomenon in today’s society. To this end, I created two recurring heroes, Yanaël Marceau, a young judicial police officer in Paris, facing his first investigation, and Lauriane Emans, a person with reduced mobility who has just finished studying law at the Sorbonne and is trying to fit into professional life and who has many ups and downs.

What are your projects?

In order to publish my thrillers, available on Amazon, I created my publishing house Éditions Polar Impulse. The work published in January, entitled “The Affair of Rue Soufflot – Between Misunderstandings and Influences” is the first part of a trilogy of investigations by Yanaël Marceau and the adventures of Lauriana Emans. As recurring heroes, these will interact with other characters depending on their adventures. The next two volumes should be published in 2024 and 2025.


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