The album of the new promotion of “Star Academy” creates the scandal!

The album of the new promotion of “Star Academy” creates the scandal!

This is the last straight line for the four remaining academicians. Saturday November 26, 2022, at the end of the bonus, Louis, Enola, Léa or Anisha will indeed be crowned big winner of this season of the “Star Academy” ! But before that, last Thursday, November 24, the students had to say goodbye to the castle of Dammarie-les-Lys, where they stayed for 6 weeks…

A moment rich in emotion for the finalists, but also for the viewers of the first channel, and in particular the subscribers of MY TF1 Max who attended the last moments of the live last night!

Fortunately, subscribers and fans of the program were able to console themselves by discovering that the album of the “Star Academy” called “Iconique” had seen the light of day… A happiness which was unfortunately short-lived since on the Web, Internet users eager to complain:

“I swear I’m so disappointed with the album. The 4 finalists should have had a solo each. Then they came up with trios/duos out of nowhere. And it clearly lacks the best performances of the season”, “As usual #Star Academy a great nonsense on the Iconic album, the 4 finalists without a solo, a solo for… Carla and Paola (WTF? You don’t read the internet?) and Julien (pff), and contempt for Amisse and Ahcène who don’t have the right only to a poor sentence on the anthem. Bravo…”, “Strange on the part of Sony Music to make an album of only 7 titles”, “But the album, it is incomplete, reassure me ??? They will add other songs it is not possible otherwise like the songs of the finalists too??? », can we read…

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