The artist’s book was born in Saint-André Abbey

The artist’s book was born in Saint-André Abbey

In 2020, publishers Verdegris, artist Judith Rothchild and typographer Mark Lintott exhibited Garden in a black way, in the Abbey of Saint-André. Fascinated by the gardens, Judith Rothchild stayed there throughout the spring, drawing tirelessly and making many preparatory sketches, the genesis of her engravings. “the black way”including those in the artist’s book.

I’m flipping through prints illustrate three poems by Elsa Koeberlé, the Alsatian poet who is behind the creation of Italian parterres in 1920. Judith Rothchild is a great American pastelist, who has lived in France for forty-five years. She works “black road” since 1997 and now he is part of the narrow circle of the French Society of Painters-Engravers (only about thirty members) who brilliantly master this very rigorous technique.

Mark Lintott is English. Trained as an engineer and a creative at heart, his encounter with Judith Rothchild and four-hand screen printing led him to study old-fashioned typography, hand-laying out each character, digging up the best vellum and laid papers in Europe.

So, the artist’s book, I’m flipping through prints, was printed on the historic Vandercook press. It was printed only in twenty-five copies. The boxes and cases are handmade and the covers are made from linocut. A beautiful object that connects the past and present of the abbey, always at the crossroads of art.

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