The association “Remembrance of our villages” is writing a soldiers’ guest book

The association “Remembrance of our villages” is writing a soldiers’ guest book

The “Memories of our Villages” association, based on thorough research, entered the Golden Book of all the fighters of the commune.

On November 11, their names were displayed on the door of the Montrozier war memorial, and in Gages on the esplanade of the war memorial, where, with the consent of the town hall, a cemetery of wooden crosses was arranged.

Each cross bears the name and age of a soldier from the commune who died for France.

The mayor gave the floor to the students of the municipal school who read the letters written by the sergeant’s pen to the soldiers, then to the members of the “Memories of our Villages” association who recited passages from the novel. “Wooden crosses” by Roland Dorgelès.

The media library remained open and families came to admire the collection of soldier objects and models dressed in World War I uniforms lent by Mr. Besombes of Souvenir Français.

Screening of the film “Merry Christmas” on December 2

They were also able to discover the exhibition “Aveyron and Aveyronnais during the First World War” of the National Office of Veterans Affairs and be delighted by the work of CM1 and CM2 on the topic “write… Why write in wartime ?

After the conference “Women during the First World War” by Louis Mercadié, this month of remembrance will end with a screening of the film “Joyeux Noël” on December 2 at 8.30 pm in the Gages entertainment room.

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