The author from Dreux reveals an unknown aspect of Dracula

The author from Dreux reveals an unknown aspect of Dracula

Dracula inspires him. “Because he’s an ambivalent character, you can relate to him or hate him. It is someone who asks questions. Raphaëlle Eviana provides her own answer in Dracula’s Woods, which oscillates between fiction and reality.

“Monsieur le Comte…”

His energetic pen, soaked in the ink of suspense, transports us to the heart of the Carpathian forest, which will serve as the setting for an intrigue involving Nathan Archer, a somewhat curious journalist, about a group of mobsters involved in the timber trade. Faced with an environmental threat, he takes all the risks, and he ends up benefiting from an ally named “Monsieur le Comte”…

Lots of twists, complex personalities, unscrupulous bandits, reality or delirium… and murders: the reader remains engrossed in this story, which is much more than a thriller, which masters of the genre like Michel Bussi or Dan Brown would not deny.

For her first novel, Raphaëlle Éviana hits hard and uses the thriller angle to deliver a message of environmental protection. As in Amazonia, the Carpathian forest is threatened by work.

“Originally everything started with my desire to go to the Carpathians. In preparation for this trip, my mother sent me an article from Courrier International, which discussed at length the problem of the timber trade, which threatened the natural space, the forest. »

Dracula and other monsters…

Covid was there and Raphaëlle Éviana stopped her desire to travel, but not her desire to write a novel that will give you chills. His interest in Dracula gave him the “angle” that inspired him. “I re-read a lot of stuff about Dracula. I put a lot of references, parallels. The name of the journalist is the French version of the original identity of the famous count. »

Staging a vampire in an unusual role for the author “rehabilitates him a little” and shows that “the real monsters may not be the ones we believe in”. This debut novel, very ecologically virtuous, also aims to make the public aware of the problem of attacks on nature, on the planet. “The form of entertainment, which is especially embodied in literature, enables the transmission of messages, perhaps even more so than a documentary film. »

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Get to know each other. Raphaëlle Éviana will sign her book, Forests of Dracula, on Saturday December 10, at the Méli-Mélo store, place Métézeau, from 4 p.m. Participants will be offered a snack.
Forests of Dracula. By Raphaëlle Evian. Price: €12.50. Available in Meli-Melo, Métézeau location, in FNAC. Raphaëlle Evian’s website ;
Instagram: @raphaelle_eviana_auteure.

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