the author of a thriller or the author of the perfect crime story? – Liberation

the author of a thriller or the author of the perfect crime story? – Liberation


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With “Without a sound”, New Zealander Paul Cleave shows how rumors and fake news can destroy existence. American thriller, devilishly effective.

Cameron and Lisa Murdoch are a couple who write four-hand thrillers. They lead a quiet life in Christchurch, New Zealand, split between their infidelities and their 7-year-old only son, Zach. This is not an easy child at all, he can have terrible tantrums or withdraw into silence, it is assumed that he suffers from some form of autism. He is inseparable from the ghost-shaped stuffed animal he named Willy. One evening when his father puts him to bed after a stormy afternoon during which the child disappears for several minutes, prompting Cameron to inadvertently push the children at an amusement park, Zach confides in him his determination to escape, but is not caught in the process. serious.

The next morning, his bed is empty, and a footprint, which will match Cameron’s old shoe print, will be found at the foot of the half-open window. The child is missing. Parents are sickly worried. Given their notoriety, the case will quickly make headlines. And the video starts spinning the nets: we see Cameron beside himself with his son’s crisis, carelessly carrying him under his arm while he screams, to throw him into his car. The parents of the children who crowded into the park in turn began to accuse Cameron of attacking their offspring. Even if he had pedophilic urges. In a few hours, suspicion creeps into everyone’s mind: who better than the author of the thriller to commit

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