The authors from Saint-Urbain invite Charlevoisians to participate in the creation of the book

The authors from Saint-Urbain invite Charlevoisians to participate in the creation of the book

Jessica Lajoie and David Landry, founders of the publishing house Dreams Workshop, announced the creation of the second volume of the book Draft de TRAPS., a humorous and satirical participatory novel that mixes science fiction and fantasy.

From January 7, the authors will send a summary of the novel to the public and explain it in a video on their Facebook and YouTube pages. Each week, the participants will then be able to decide on the continuation of the story by answering one question. On the Internet, they will also have access to a dialog box for proposing adventures or events that they will integrate into the text.

Jessica and David will have to redouble their ingenuity to integrate all these elements into the final work, which is improvised writing. Judging by the reviews, the challenge was almost solved during the first volume, published last October. From this, a crazy story with incongruous characters was born.

In this second part Draft de TRAPS., the action always takes place in the TRAPS universe (acronym meaning: Theoretically Improbable Adventure Full of Suspense). Readers will follow Sylvia’s quintuplets – one of the protagonists of the first part – who go in search of their missing mother. Don’t panic: you can participate even if you haven’t read the first book.

After the novel is published, each participant will see their name written in the book and will receive the honorary title of contributing author. The income from the sale of the book will be reinvested in various projects of the publishing house, which is also one of the main sources of financing.

The event will start on Saturday, January 7 at 10 am to the couple’s Facebook page.

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