The Bains de Saillon reopen in December after two years of shutdown –

The Bains de Saillon reopen in December after two years of shutdown –

The Bains de Saillon (VS) will open their doors on December 20th. The establishment had to close about two years ago after a fire which had caused significant damage. The complex announced Friday that it wanted to recruit 140 employees.

On Christmas Day 2020, a short circuit caused a fire in a technical room in the Bains de Saillon. No one was injured, but the damage caused amounted to millions of francs and the center had to close its doors.

The works are much larger than expected and the establishment announced in June 2021 that it will remain closed until December 2022. “This renovation was an opportunity for the Bains de Saillon to carry out numerous transformations in order to improve the quality of its infrastructure,” the resort said in a statement on Friday.

Expected former collaborators

The reopening leads to a recruitment phase: “140 employees are wanted in all sectors”, announces the management. The latter “strongly hopes to be able to recruit former employees”.

By 2021, 117 people had lost their jobs out of the complex’s 167 employees. The Christian unions of Valais (SCIV) and Unia then denounced the non-entry into the matter of the company “on the negotiation of a social plan”. The management had explained that it had “not the means” to propose such a plan due to insufficient reserves after almost a year and a half of Covid-19.


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