The big Amnesty International book fair, the big return

The big Amnesty International book fair, the big return

The large Amnesty International Pays de Langres book fair is re-emerging, after being prevented for two years. The popular gathering place for reading enthusiasts will end on the weekend of November 12th and 13th… starting on Friday the 11th.

Three days, from Friday, November 11, Big book fair Amnesty International Pays de Langres will be housed in Jean Favre’s room. It will be the 35the editing. The health crisis related to the Covid-19 virus forced him to deprogram two years in a row. Three associations join Amnesty International Pays de Langres to establish it: Liens 52, Artisans du monde and Secours populaire.

“It will be an opportunity to rummage through bins of classified content.” The president of the local branch of the non-governmental organization (NGO) Amnesty Agnès Bolopion points out that the books that will be found there are all in good condition and at low prices, which will further decrease in the case of serial purchases. “When we recover the invested works, we throw them away because this is a sign of the presence of fungi that will eventually devour them”. Paperbacks, the Harlequin collection, thick novels, crime novels (including Agatha Christies, yes), a few textbooks… we’ll find a title(s) we love, that’s for sure. There will also be vinyl.

“We want people to read”

“We have been creating this stock of books throughout the year.” Most donors contact the association through the Facebook page, by private message. “We will either bring them to the barracks or… leave them in front of my house,” says Agnès Bolopion. Please note that school books and encyclopedias are no longer accepted. It happens that donors live in the countryside, without an available car. In this case, they are members of the association who come to pick up books at the home. There is always a solution to fill the shelves of the XXL library which will be sold at very low prices and “for good causes” during this Great Fair. “What we want is for people to read”.

Just the militia too

“It will be a joint opportunity to support Amnesty International, which defends human rights around the world”. In other years, explains Agnès Bolopion, the benefits of the event have enabled the local section of the NGO to help associations outside of its parent company. “… and that will be the moment for you to come and see us, to find out what our action in the Pays de Langres consists of”. Last time at the Festival of Feathered Dogs, the locals educated the public about their beliefs.

Supply in everything

“This family reunion usually draws about 500 people.” Lovers of reading who are from Langres and its more rural surroundings. Who leave with a reserve of works that ensures the satisfaction of their passion for a while… Hep hep, important precision. In these three days, we will be able to raise our noses, which will therefore be immersed in containers of treasure. Eat, drink coffee. Secours Populaire waffles could convince many “seekers” that there is more to life than books.

Fabienne Ausserre

Practice: they meet on Friday November 11 from 2 to 6 p.m., Saturday November 12 from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Sunday November 13 from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. in the rooms on the first floor of the Salle Jean Favre. Free admission. People of good will are welcome to help decorate the space from Tuesday, November 8.

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