The book market is full

The book market is full

Brushes. In Brosses, the 2nd number of the book exchange was filled. The Fêtes Committee of Brosses organized its second book and toy fair at the village hall, Place des Marronniers, on Sunday.

As a sign of solidarity with a noble cause, the profit the bar collects will be donated to Teleton, i.e. more than 100 euros.

“It’s a small amount, notes Céline Lamblot, president of the board, but it was important to us. And then don’t we say that small streams make big rivers and that no donation is small? »

“No donation is too small”

This year there were 11 exhibitors, twice as many as at the first edition, who presented recent, old, comics and toys, but all at very low prices. Visitors were satisfied with their purchases and gladly participated, with a pancake in their mouth, wine or hot chocolate in their hand, in the Telethon.

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