The bookmobile brought his books to the library

The bookmobile brought his books to the library

Wednesday, January 4, 9 a.m. A mobile library has already been set up in the small town hall square in Poujols. The library manager, Mireille, welcomes three newcomers: Maxime and Sabine (a reference to Lodévois Larzac) are territorial civil servants. Victor, 23, is a civil service volunteer at the media library of the Pierresvives department in Montpellier.

Mireille starts by offering drinks and cookies “for convenience”. The bookmobile comes from Montpellier three times a year. In Soubès there is also a relay library that brings together several small villages. Thanks to the online account, the transport delivers the ordered books every fifteen days and picks up the ones that have been returned.

Mireille has been a volunteer for ten years. It experienced the evolution of the library: “It’s a place where people come to meet, play games, participate in writing workshops. It’s a great service, she says. It’s a meeting place.” “It’s a cultural center,” adds Gunther, a regular who would like a solidarity coffee in the square opposite, “to create a connection.

Attendance is uneven: mostly “women with a certain cultural background”, very few men. Children come when they are on vacation with their grandparents. Anissa, a sophomore, comes to pick up documents when she has an assignment to hand in. From Covid, “people go to public places less, leave their homes less”. But little by little, this is changing and there is good attendance when activities are offered.

Everything in the library is free. £200 is in equity, often from donations. 300 others, supplied by Pierresvives three times a year.

The books are now stored on the library shelves, saved by Sabine, while Maxime and Victor restore the shelves of the mobile phone which is on the way again. He’ll be back in a few months. “It’s a valuable service for people living in rural areas.”

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