The broadcast of the Belgian series “1985” could have been more faithful to what Belgium is

The broadcast of the Belgian series “1985” could have been more faithful to what Belgium is

The new bilingual fiction series 1985 broadcast Sunday evening on the VRT (Eén) and the RTBF (La Une) did not miss its departure. In the mid-1980s, our country experienced the terror of the Nivelles gang, among others. This gang is believed to be responsible for many robberies that have cost many lives. The fact that the criminals responsible have still not been arrested and sentenced taints the Belgian judicial system. And perhaps also explains why this fiction series set mainly in the capital is so popular. This is the first time that a bilingual Belgian fiction series has been produced.

As a Brussels resident and a fervent defender of multilingualism, I am happy to note that our public channels, in this case VRT and RTBF, have joined forces in this area. All actors perform in their own language. On the VRT, the series is subtitled in Dutch. On the French-speaking side, on La Une, the Dutch-speaking actors are dubbed in French or you can opt for the original, bilingual version, subtitled in French. It is unfortunate that this original version is not automatically broadcast on the French channel. As a result, the unique character of a bilingual country contained in the series is not taken into account in the programs of La Une.

Multilingual families are the future

It is undeniable that the subtitling of programs also contributes to language learning. Subtitling on VRT has already helped many Flemings to learn English and French. Those who learn another language also learn to know and understand other cultures better. For this, the two national channels could and should contribute.

Why don’t VRT and RTBF subtitle series with bilingual subtitles? Thus, linguistically mixed families, as there are many in Brussels, could watch the series together without language problems. After all, according to the latest Language Barometer, the Brussels Region has more than 20% of mixed families who combine Dutch and French. Multilingual families are the future. The number of mixed families combining several languages ​​is constantly increasing. Bilingual subtitles on our national channels could therefore help mixed families to better understand the two major national languages.

Of course, one can wonder if the VRT and the RTBF do not have the mission of also addressing French-speaking and Dutch-speaking viewers respectively. But why shouldn’t public channels of popular shows and news programs give bilingual or multilingual families the opportunity to taste Flemish and French-speaking culture? It would make it possible to break down the walls and encourage knowledge of Dutch in Wallonia and French in Flanders. Like journalists Alain Gerlache and Ivan De Vadder with their “Plan B” podcast, in which they explain Flemish news in French and French-speaking news in Dutch.

Editorial title. Original title: Multilingualism in public television channels

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